ActiveCampaign Review

Active Campaign Review
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ActiveCampaign Review

Active Campaign has been on the market for quite some time now. The email automation system leverages numerous excellent features, and to make sure you take full advantage of each feature, they offer a friendly and helpful customer support team. A careful look into their model reveals that they sound more like powerhouse newsletter.

The company is based in Chicago, and one of the key features that make it stand out from the competition is its advanced automation. This feature lets you get fantastic and customised autoresponder messages based on a plethora of factors.

It also ensures that you get useful list management and contact management. The feature also enables automation within the CRM system, and this is known as Deals.

With the Deal system, you can easily add important notes to your contacts, send direct messages to them, and create appointments that are important to your organisation. In addition, they have a site messages feature that you can use to send personalised messages to people who come to your website.

When you use the system for the first time, you may find the dashboard complicated and a little busy. However, after a few minutes, you will realize the importance of having all your information in one place. This is one of the things that you get from ActiveCampaign.

Now let’s look at the important aspects of ActiveCampaign.

What are the Advantages of Active Campaign?

ActiveCampaign is one of the most potent marketing automation systems you can get on the market. Besides being extremely powerful, it is easy to understand and use. If you experience trouble using the system, you can simply contact the support team for assistance.

The system enables timely and efficient reporting so that you can manage your marketing campaign appropriately. With this feature, you get reporting on all essential aspects of your company.

It covers areas such as click-maps, page visits, geo-tracking. Unlike other plans, with ActiveCampaign, you get tracking for the major eCommerce platforms, namely BigCommerce, Shopify, and Woocommerce.

ActiveCampaign is the best platform for people who are looking for outstanding deliverability. In our deliverability test, we learned that the system provides all sorts of solutions for marketers who want to grow their customer base.

Another advantage of the system is that it provides free migrations. If you want to move from different systems, ActiveCampaign provides you with free migration services. This can be highly convenient, especially for small and growing businesses.

Is Active Campaign The Best Newsletter Service?

There are many things worth considering if you are looking for the best newsletter service. You have to check whether the service offers subscription forms, dynamic content, split testing, email segmentation, site and event tracking, and many more.

In our tests, we discovered that ActiveCampaign is the most powerful automation tool on the market.

All the automation setups and automation that you can ever think of are all possible with ActiveCampaign. Whether it is dynamic email content, automated segmentation, sales follow-ups, triggered campaigns, you can achieve all of them at a go with ActiveCampaign.

Also, if you are looking for a highly reliable and effective sales integration and marketing platform, then you might need to try ActiveCampaign. It has an in-built full-featured CRM that flawlessly links up to all your contacts. With that, your sales team can work fast with the available data.

The fact that it keeps accurate data can help in the decision-making process. It also comes with features like social data and leads scoring that can be used to streamline the operations of sales follow-up.

Your company needs a marketing tool that can handle multiple tasks at the same time. Besides sending relevant emails, you can also deliver essential SMS to your targeted audience. It is also possible to share personalized messages to people who visit your site.

If you use Facebook ads, you will be able to use ActiveCampaign to regulate how your adverts are displayed. This means that you have control over your marketing strategies and can quickly change things to match the current trends.

Cons of Active Campaign

All good things have their downsides, and ActiveCampaign is not an exception. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly marketing automation tool, ActiveCampaign may not suit you. It is more of an advanced tool. You will need some technical knowledge and experience to operate the system and take full advantage of its features.

The software also needs regular maintenance. Otherwise, it may not offer the best results.

Some marketers are only looking for a simple email automation tool. If you fall in that category, you might need other budget-friendly options which are meant for simple processes. ActiveCampaign will not work well for such people since you will end up paying for extra services that you don’t need.

You should note that this system is not free. There are several price tiers, and at each level, you will get specific features and services. To help you determine whether or not the service will work for you, the company offers a 14-day free trial period.

Unfortunately, this trial period may not be enough for you to know whether the plan is good for your business.

Features of Active Campaign

We want to share with you some rating details so that you see how other companies feel about ActiveCampaign.

  • Ease of Use

We tried to centre our focus on the ease of use of this plan, and we can give it a four-star rating on this factor. It has a user-friendly design and is also easily navigable.

Though the dashboard seems to be overcrowded and busy, it has essential features that could be easily understood by a beginner.

The demo data helps you to understand the critical sections of the software and how to use them. However, if you are an absolute novice, you might find it a little hard to get started.

  • Newsletter Creation

Compared to other systems, the editor of ActiveCampaign works very fast. It also comes with a couple of handy features. One of these features allows users to save the custom locks to re-use, and another one lets you see the changes that people have made in Google docs style.

However, the software autosaves the documents frequently, and this might make it hard to find your last action to undo. The other problem we encountered was in creating columns, which was needlessly finicky. Besides that, there is no fast way to preview the newsletter that you have created.

ActiveCampaign vs MailChimp

If you need a marketing automation platforms, you will have to choose between ActiveCampaign vs MailChimp. These are the two biggest services of their kind. While Active Campaign focuses on providing advanced features like extremely powerful automated workflow, MailChimp tries to ensure that users get an easy-to-use and affordable option.

MailChimp primarily targets SMEs. However, they both aim at enabling the creation of personalized messages and automating the email campaigns of the companies. We tried to look at both platforms so that we can offer conclusive advice on which system you should use.

We want to delve right into MailChimp because we have already mentioned most of the things about ActiveCampaign.


MailChimp claims to be the world’s largest marketing automation platform. It enables the automation of email campaigns that are geared toward meeting the needs of the clients.

On the dashboard, you will get to see all the features that it has and the data that it will collect from the relevant sources. The service integrates with other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram.

How MailChimp Works

When we tried to use the MailChimp, we saw that most of its features are similar to ActiveCampaign. It lets you create and design emails by using a simple drag-and-drop system. You can also do the same using custom coding or prepared templates.

One advantage of MailChimp is that it allows you to connect to any online store. The system has an in-built photo editing feature that lets you design items that will be liked to by your targeted audience.

MailChimp also works with a new Email Beamer feature which lets you create and design emails without having to log into your MailChimp account. We tried to use the feature and were amazed at its capabilities. You simply need to compose an email and send it to a specific address provided by MailChimp.

The message will then be sent to your subscribers. You can use your regular email account to send the email, and it could be Gmail, Outlook, or any other.

MailChimp is highly flexible, which means marketers can send messages to different groups at different times. You can set the time-zones and locations so that the emails can be sent automatically at the right times.

The Final Thought

Both ActiveCampaign and MailChimp are great marketing tools that can enhance your marketing campaign. However, it is worth noting that ActiveCampaign has advanced features and is meant for bigger enterprises. It also tends to cost a little more than MailChimp. Still, many people prefer ActiveCampaign because of its versatility.

With the information in this ActiveCampaign review, you should be able to select a system that will suit your company.