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Convertbox Lifetime Deal Review

Using popups to generate leads and come up with an email list is one of the most common phenomena in the digital world. Despite being obtrusive and irritating, it has proven to be productive throughout the years. That is the main reason it is being used up to date.

But the fact is that popups and lead boxes tend to have a problem at times. We have seen popups offering as much as a 16% discount to a new customer. We have also seen advanced readers being served with content that is meant for beginners.

This indicates that most of the opt-in software are not specialized to perform their tasks efficiently. The only thing they can do is to follow up a particular lead too many times until he or she either unsubscribe from your email list, become your lead or purchases your product.

With that being said, it becomes apparent that if you are running a more advanced website, you need to come up with an opt-in software that will do more than just irritate a lead into joining you or ditching you altogether. The best software to get the job done is Convertbox.

All you need to know about the Convertbox

The introduction of Convertbox has proven to be a saviour when it comes to customizing lead boxes and popups at the point of opt-ins. This means that information is not just shared to anyone who is in your email list. You get to decide what information is sent to which group of emails, thus streamlining the way you approach different leads.

With Convertbox, mistakes are avoided. You won’t find yourself offering the wrong discount to a new customer or issuing similar content to everyone in your list regardless of their level of understanding. This means that you get to have complete control of your lead generation system.

Through this Convertbox review, we aim at unveiling the features of Convertbox. We will also shed light on the Convertbox lifetime deal and its effect on whoever is using this software. Due to its incredible features, Convertbox has seized to be any other lead generating platform but the best email segmentation and lead generation software.

Features of Convertbox

There are so many features available on this platform. These features are the main reason why Convertbox can segment emails effortlessly and direct traffic to the right content based on their level when it comes to how much they understand your products. Some of the main features that Convertbox box possess include:

Convertbox has a fast way of doing tasks

Convertbox is an ultra-fast tool. This can be seen when setting it up where we guarantee it won’t take you more than five minutes to set-up and deploy a particular popup. The tool also gives you an easy way on how you can create an opt-in form and deploy it without having to waste time on unnecessary processes.

This means that you no longer have to worry about taking ages to serve your prospect clients and leads with an opt-in-form. By using Convertbox, you will have all the lead generation resources ready to deploy in a matter of minutes.

Among other things that Convertbox has proven to be fast is when setting up a campaign timer. All you have to do is know how long you want the timer to be, and Convertbox will take care of the rest. If you are using other lead generation or email segmenting tools, you will need to use more than just one button. They are thus very slow to use.

It allows the creation of customized messages

The best way to enhance engagement between you and your customer is to acknowledge them individually. This is where Convertbox comes in handy. The software allows you to design custom messages and popups. These messages are then delivered to a specific client with specific information that only he or she can relate to.

By doing so, every client feels appreciate. It is a step to psych up those clients that feel invisible and making them feel part of your business. This feature alone can help you retain your clients and convert a lead easily.

It comes with multi-choice funnels

When it comes to segmentation, we have not seen a tool that does it better than Convertbox. This software can segment new visitors, prospect clients, and leads. You can then tag and deliver strictly personalized offers. This is the feature that ensures every one of your clients gets a specific offer strictly suited for him or her.

While other tools stick on using similar offers across the board, you get to customize offers depending on your client. It is a very effective way of breaking the monotony and showing your traffic that your business can differentiate between long-term clients and new leads.

Convertbox allows email segmentation

What every online business owner loves is this aspect of Convertbox. Email segmentation is whereby you can divide your email list into specific groups. Those groups can be for first time clients, clients who have ever purchased a product at least once, and long term clients.

You can then go ahead and send them emails with content that cover the needs of every group. For instance, if you are a longterm customer, the email can read, “Thank you for sticking with us for one year, you are now eligible for a 30% discount on every item you purchase.” Such an email will trigger an individual from the group to make a purchase.

With this feature, it is hard for a particular group to unsubscribe since the message doesn’t remain the same forever. It changes depending on the group.

Converbox allows deep integration with your email

In most lead generation platforms, client’s information is only accessible on the tool. Once the client enters your website, it becomes hard for you to view his or her contact information. Same goes to any other type of information that can be useful in determining the client.

That is why we find Convertbox’s deep integration feature to be quite excellent. It enables you to access the client’s information at any time whether he or she has accessed your website or not. It is one of the best features that make Convertbox very ideal for lead generation and creation of lead boxes.

We also found out that you are not limited to only one single integration at a go. You can initiate multiple integrations at the same time without any problems whatsoever. This means that you can install a particular integration type for more than one time. This feature makes it easy to use Convertbox when running multiple websites.

Convertbox prices

Judging from the significant number of features, Convertbox is a tool that is highly recommended to anyone who wants to boost the lead generation process and enjoy more when it comes to handling customers and emails lists. The package for using Convertbox is usually $89 per month or $1068 if you want to enjoy Convertbox without worrying about monthly charges.

This deal allows you to access a massive number of tools, including the ability to use a single Convertbox software with ten websites. Considering how useful the tool is, it quite a great deal.

Convertbox lifetime deal

If you find paying a total of $1068 a year a hard job, you can make use of the current Convertbox lifetime that allows you to pay a total of $295 and enjoy Convertbox for as long as you want. The Convertbox lifetime comes with features like:
• No monthly fee or yearly fees
• Ability to use it on ten sites
• Free updates
• A/B split testing
• Unlimited Convertbox’s
• No Convertbox branding

Those are only a few of the features that come with the Convertbox lifetime deal. It is basically like using Convertbox without the worry that you have to pay a certain amount every month to keep the enjoying the tool’s features.

Covertbox tips

There are many Convertbox tips that you can use to get more out of this already perfect tool. What these Convertbox tips will do is ensure you convert more clients and generate more leads than you would otherwise.

Use Purchase CTAs instead of opt-in CTAs after someone opts-in

Once the lead has already opted in your website, you should stop using an opt-in CTA because it will only seem like unrealistic. You should, however, replace it with a purchase CTA. For instance, if it is a movie website the Opt-in CTA will look like “Visit our site to see a list of incredible movies” once they visit you can use a Purchase CTA such as “Have you seen, Gotham? Purchase to watch.”

Include welcome videos for first-timers

The best way to ensure every most of your traffic become your customers is to use slide in a welcome video. This will end up convincing many them to continue visiting your site and even make a purchase.

Don’t hesitate to use an Opt-in form on people’s content

Fishing for customers on other people’s content or site is also among the best Convertbox tips. This is like going for clients instead of waiting for them to come to you. You can also use an Opt-in form as well as a call to action to convince any lead to visit your site.

Come up with a site-wide announcement

We have seen how effective site-wide announcements are, that is why you need to use them for you to lure in more leads. You can opt for a sticky bar style, a call out model, a centre model, or a full page. With such an announcement, a visitor is forced to view the information being announced before he or she moves on.


• It is easy to use
• It is fast
• It allows personalization of popups
• You get to enjoy segmentation of emails
• It allows for multiple integrations
• The lifetime deal makes it very affordable


• It has limited editing capabilities
• The templates are few

Convertbox is one of the best tools to generate leads and handle email marketing. In the above Convertbox review, we have indicated the features it comes with as well as tips on how to get the most from the software. It is one of the best ways not only to make a lead convert but also build a personal relationship with your clients. With Convertbox, you can personalize your popups and address different people distinctly depending on their groups. You no longer have to bore your clients with irrelevant popups and content that is no longer useful.

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