Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review

John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review
John Crestani Super Affiliate System 3.0 2020

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System 3.0 Full Review

The growth of digital affiliate marketing in the global business world is now more notable than ever. Gone are the days when affiliate marketers relied on commission-based models to sell products and earn profits.

With the emergence of the internet, affiliate marketing has become the main tools for selling products in modern-day business.

Most people find it a great way of earning a little bit of passive income whilst still working their 9-5 job. Louis, one of our featured clients, embarked on this voyage of discovery on a part-time basis until he felt more confident that this would work.

Two years down the line using this business system, and Louis is considering quitting his full-time job and focusing purely on using this affiliate marketing system. Being a little introverted, it was an excellent way for Louis to make extra cash, without having to make cold calls or speak to people to get sales, things Louis just doesn’t like very much.

It wasn’t all rosy at first; in fact, after the first six months, Louis had decided to quit until we introduced him to the Super Affiliate System. It was a defining moment. It helped change his perception of affiliate marketing and increased sales, well not to six figures, but Louis has made tremendous progress in a short space of time.

In this article, we’ll gibe you an honest review of Jon Cressanti’s Super Affiliate System 3.0. We’ll go through the process of using the tool step by step in order to improve your marketing techniques and increase your sales.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Honest Review

The Super Affiliate System is an online affiliate marketing course developed by John Crestani. The developer has become a pretty popular name having been featured on Forbes, Affiliate Summit, Home Business, Inc and Home Business thanks to his expertise in affiliate marketing systems..

Crestani has launched a range of courses, but the one that stands out for us is his Super Affiliate System. The affiliate systemcourse was first developed in 2015, but it has been upgraded a few times, with the latest version now 3.0 providing lots of handy marketing tricks.

This six-week crestani super course provides insight into affiliate marketing and developing an online business. It is not a cheap affiliate course to buy, but then perhaps that’s why Jon calls it a Super Affiliate System! We feel that it’s money well spent and during this review, we’ll tell you why.

Other features that make this marketing tool stand out include the tones of files, case studies, ad copies and winning campaigns included to help users understand affiliate marketing better.

Super Affiliate System Marketing Features

Many people tend to skip some parts of a course if they have some previous knowledge of the subject, but in order to get the best results, we recommend going through the course step by step.

Know How to Set Up an Affiliate System

This first module lasts a week. John starts by setting up the website and making sure all the features are ready for use. Users who are already acquainted with affiliate marketing will find this pretty easy to follow. Here’s a brief of what this module covers:

  • Setting personal goals for the ad campaign
  • How to join an affiliate network and set up a website for affiliate marketing
  • How to develop a presell page and make it work
  • How to create a Facebook Ad and set up an ads account properly
  • How to find and use the best affiliate marketing networks

New marketers can stretch the module to another week, if necessary, to ensure the foundation of the program is well executed. We also found John’s Free Traffic Training Course pretty useful for those who want to learn how to get free traffic from sites like Facebook, Google and YouTube.

Understand the Super Affiliate System

Success starts with changing one’s mindset, and this module helps learners develop an entrepreneurial mind. We found this module pretty interesting as it helped overcome some bad habits we had developed over the years.

This part is essential for skilled marketers looking for new perspectives about this subject. To give a better idea about this part of what’s in this system, here’s a look at some of the topics discussed:

  • Develop the right state of mind towards successHow to find out a niche and conduct affiliate niche research
  • How to find data about that niche and speak the niche language
  • How to develop a network around the chosen niche
  • How to understand user intent and its role in advertising and conversion

These points are critical to succeeding in the program. John’s discussion about researching a niche is particularly interesting compared to the traditional techniques that many of us have been accustomed to.

He explains that marketers can take advantage of already established niches and reverse engineer them to find our unique trade. A week into the program and we could understand the intentions of our target audience and customise our ads to meet them.

Johns Super System To Hone Your Marketing Skills

Now that we have set up a website with affiliate links and found a choice niche, the next step is to market our products to the target audience. We get to learn how to create and structure ads using John Crestani’s 17-step copywriting formula.

Online marketers also learn about the psychology behind running successful ad campaigns. Content is still king in marketing hence, knowing how to write stellar sales content should help attract the attention of your audience and give them that laser focused intention to purchase.

It’s not just about writing good content in any super affiliate system,  but honing one’s own copywriting skills. Copywriting makes all the difference between ads that an audience will click on and those it ignores. Here are some topics discussed in this module:

  • Essential features of sales and copywriting
  • A discussion with Ronnie Sandlin, a seven-figure copywriter
  • John’s 17-step copywriting formula for boosting sales
  • How to optimise ads to increase the ROI
  • Advanced features for optimising ads

Facebook and Google Advertising

This part of the super affiliate system gives insight into boosting a site’s traffic and revenue through the use of Google and Facebook. Members also learn about how to remain compliant when marketing affiliate offers using these platforms. We also learn about some of the metrics used to track data and ad spend.

Online super affiliate system marketers who have completed the course attest to 4-figure earnings by optimising their ads the way John has explained in his super affiliate system. Here’s what is covered in week four:

    • How to develop FaceBook ad campaigns that generate ROI and clickthroughs
    • How to be compliant with Facebook’s complex and ever-changing policies to avoid getting an ad account shutdown
    • How to understand advertising metrics
    • How to garner on Google’s advertising network to generate clicks to presell pages

YouTube and Native Ads System

The YouTube and Native Ads platforms are somewhat different from Facebook and Google ads in that users can reach a large audience within a short time. Topics covered include:

      • How to set up native ads using platforms like Voluum, MGID, Outbrain and Taboola
      • How to set up YouTube ads
      • How to use click tracker to perform advanced optimisation on ad campaigns
      • A guest coach, Tim Burd is invited to talk about Facebook ads

Scaling and Ad Automation System

The Super Affiliate Marketing system also teaches users how to make profitable ads. The objective is to enable members to learn how to use sales funnels with Clickfunnels known to increase one’s ability to capture leads. Members also learn how to scale using different media buying techniques and case studies.

Bonus Features

DFY Ad Campaigns

We particularly loved the Ready2Launch Done For You Affiliate campaign templates that provide users with everything they need to set up ad campaigns. Some of the templates include:

  • Affiliate ads
  • Landing pages
  • Audience targeting for Facebook
  • Top offers to promote and others.

The templates come in different profitable niches, from muscle growth to topics about weight loss, skincare and fat burning diet.

Weekly Group Coach Training

John Crestani also conducts a live webinar for two to three hours every Friday at 3 p.m. PST as part of his super affiliate system . The platform allows students to share their ad campaign journey as John provides advice on the best way to optimise the ads.

Targeted Data System

Thanks to John’s vast network, members can access a list of ‘buyer’ emails that marketers can use. This feature may be a little advanced for new users, but it’s worth a try. Learners can take advantage of the targeted keywords in Google, along with the list of custom audience per niche.

Ad Swipes

In the SAS 3.0 (Super Affiliate System 3.0) program, John also teaches users a system of how to use ad swipes. We found the templates particularly useful as it helped us create effective native ads that we wouldn’t have been able to before.

Presell Pages

This system feature enables a website to stand out from the crowd and get more traffic, which increases conversion rates within a short time.

Are There Alternatives To John Crestani and his Super Affiliate System 3.0?

So this honest review is all very well, but are there any alternatives to the Super Affiliate System 3.0? I’ve heard some people say that it’s a scam….

Well you’ll get that with every product out there, some people just don’t like something no matter how much help you try and give them.  So here’s our take on a viable option depending on your goals…

Comparison: Super Affiliate System vs Clickbank University

Whilst looking around for an alternative, we decided to provide some basic information on Clickbank University.  Whilst it’s not a full review, it will give you an idea on what the differences are and how each product compares – we will write a seperate full review at a later date.

Whilst both tools have been designed to help affiliate marketers, they exhibit quite different features. Read on to find out how Super Affiliate System vs Clickbank University compare:


Features Super Affiliate System Clickbank University
Objective Teach marketers how to create profitable ad campaigns Train users how to develop digital products and promote them to affiliate marketers
Audience New and experienced affiliate marketers New affiliate marketers only or those product creators looking to promote their own product on Clickbank
Length of the Course Six sessions running for six weeks Two sessions splits into two:

Eight weeks for new affiliate marketers

12 weeks for vendors

Tools used Video tutorials, webinars, examples of successful ad campaigns Live weekly sessions, the ClickBank toolkit and builder, Private Facebook groups
Skills Obtained Copywriting, data analysis and research Ability to create digital products and promote them
Support platforms Email, help desk and Facebook Group Phone support
Cost $ 997 $47 per month


Super Affiliate System 3.0 Pros:

  • Offers a step-by-step training course to understand easily
  • The course is user-friendly
  • Exceptional marketing skills and resources
  • Good support system

What Are The Cons of John Crestani’s SAS 3.0?:

  • Extremely expensive
  • It is not available in smaller packages

What’s New about the Super Affiliate System 3.0

Having used previous versions of the SAS, we have noted the new changes that the affiliate system developer made to the new 3.0 format.

Here’s a mini roundup:

New User Interface

The first thing we noted after getting the new version, is the roadmap feature. The whole gamification feature is pretty foreign, compared to versions 2.0 and 1.0. These features have made navigating the training course easier as now there is no need to constantly open new tabs – something that used to drive us potty before.

Online Community

Instead of including a comments section beneath each video, the SAS 3.0 developer has included a forum where all conversations take place. It is no ‘new’ feature, as other affiliate courses have been using it for quite some time, but SAS has only introduced it in its 3.0 version. Now having such exclusive communities makes the training much more engaging.

John is also incredibly active on this platform, ready to answer all your questions. What’s more, students post about their daily success, which is pretty encouraging for other affiliate marketers who are just starting out their own journey.

Content of the Course

Initially, the course was split up in 10 weeks featuring all the modules discussed above along with:

  • Additional Ad campaigns
  • System implementation
  • Advanced software and tools
  • Other affiliate programs

Users looking for an in-depth re-write of these modules should be happy if they have already purchased the 2.0 version, since the content has not changed significantly.

Conclusion – Is John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System 3.0 Worth It?

If you’re looking to start a digital online business, especially if you’re interested in affiliate markteing systems, but want to reduce the learning curve, then this is definitely the tool to use.

We believe that it’s your one-stop-shop for learning how to identify your niche, use Facebook and Google Ads effectively and scale your ad campaign, amongst other handy features.

At $997, it’s quite a big layout, and effectively learn how to start making money as an affiliate marketer.

Clearly, for us and despite the high ticket proce, it offers great value and resources more than any other product we have used for affiliate marketing.

It’s not just regular training but a fully fledged rigorous super affiliate course that leaves no stone unturned and all learners from newbies to experience thoroughly equipped to take their affiliate marketing efforts to the next level.

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