Tube Authority Commander Review

Tube Authority Commander Review

Tube Authority Commander

Cliff Carrigan set about to create an easy way to increase the channel authority of any YouTube Channel, no matter what the subject or niche.

So in 2018 he created Version 1 of this software (Tube Authority Commander) which did everything for you. The only issue was that you had no real control over what you did and what you could do.  It was also limited to one keyword at a time.  Everything was done automatically without any need to get involved, or get confused over what settings to change.

This didn’t stop your YouTube Channel Authority increasing – in fact, after a few weeks of using this on one of our Channels, the YouTube Channel Authority of that channel had increased to an RPI of 58….

Although his software was good, Cliff wasn’t entirely happy with this and new that by making a few tweeks, it could be made better. Over the mid to late part of 2019, he set about to improve on what was an already powerful program.

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If you’ve been using version 1 and haven’t yet upgraded, when you use it again you’ll be promoted to download the new version, but if you’ve downloaded this already you’ll be familiar with how it looks at this point. If this is the first time using TAC, you’ll immediately see the new version.

The way that it’s all laid is in the new version is somewhat different to the previous version.  Cliff decided to re-design it and model it more after an old version of this program from years ago. As far as the interface is concerned, all the code has been totally re-written, but it makes the software more powerful doing it in this way, than the way they had initially envisioned it to begin with.

One of the neat things that I really like is that you put your project name in – got one running at the moment so you can see what is happening (see below) – every so often, you’ll see little messages popping up so that you know what the software is doing.

One thing that I really like is that Cliff has allowed us to add more than one keyword at a time, and this allows us to create a much larger list of videos for TAC to go running through, so that we can just push the run button and walk away and leave it.

If you are using a remote VPN, this makes it great because you just get TAC running and if you want to jump on your remote to do something, Cliff has added a pause button so you just put it on pause, do whatever it is you need to do on your remote.  You go to leave it again and you just push resume, and off she goes and continues right where it left off.

So this is really the ‘cats meow’ as far as the way it’s set up. It really allows a lot more flexibility and allows you to do a lot more work on your channel to help build your YouTube channel authority.

And I wanted to go over that just a little bit, because it seems that some people still aren’t understanding even from the old TAC, exactly what the software is doing. And for those of you that are new, obviously you might not know at all.

With YouTube, there is your channel page that you create, and then there is every page that your videos are on.  So if you have 20 videos, there will be 20 pages and we all know what a YouTube page looks like:

So if we to go to YouTube and we want to look a doggy video, this is an actual video page and we’re all used to seeing these

You’ve got the video on it, the title of the video, comments down below…

This is just a typical video page

If you were to click on a persons name, this take you right to their channel page:

So this is the main page, like the home page  of their YouTube channel, and then each of the videos has each of their own pages.

Well just like a website, if you think of your YouTube channel like a website, you’ve got a domain authority, and you have page authority.  Everybody concentrates very hard on their page authority, so in the YouTube world, we concentrate hard on optimising the page that our video is on.

But we often forget about the authority of the Channel page itself. If your channel has high authority, whenever you add a brand new video, it usually won’t start at zero, it will start a little higher up because your channel has authority.

So that’s what you want to do.

If you were coca cola and you put a new page on your site, you’d probably get that page ranking pretty fast because of the site that it’s being put on has high authority.

So it’s the same thing with YouTube.

And a lot of people don’t think about making sure their channel itself has good authority.  But that’s what TAC does.

It works on your channel and it does a lot of different things.

It doesn’t just go and comment on other peoples videos.

It will also view a lot of high RPI videos.  Now RPI stands for Rank Power Index and the higher this number, the more difficult it is to beat them if you’re gonna try and get into competition with them.

‘’So it just saved a new line and now I’m up to 9 rows here”

So what happens is you want to make sure that you’re looking at, you’re viewing, a lot of videos that are in your channel niche, and you want to leave comments on some of them, you want to subscribe to some, you want to give a thumbs up, so in so doing TAC will go through and it will watch a lot of videos, and do all these other things, all based on the settings that you give on this next page:

And so what happens here is you’re going to put in your account name and password.  And down below, you have all your sliders here to make different settings.

Comments odds – 25%

It means basically that 1 out of 4 videos is going to receive the possibility of a comment – it will check to leave a comment.

Thumbs up – I’ve set to 5%

So 1 out of 20

Subscribe odds – 1%

1 out of 100

You can set the minimum amount of time to watch a video and the maximum amount of time, so you may want to stretch that way out, so that you watch you’re a little bit longer

And then this Rank Power Index Minimum down here – is what the minimum RPI is before you want to leave a comment. So if the video doesn’t have, or your about to leave a comment, the software will check to see if that RPI is met. If it is then it will leave the comment, otherwise it won’t

So it allows you to leave comments on very high RPI if that’s what’s in your channel.

So this is what it’s all about, setting up how many times you want it to potentially leave a comment, or a thumbs up, and before, the software, the old version just sort of did it for you.  This allows a lot more flexibility in setting things so that you can get it to do exactly what it is you want, based on….if I go back to my main page here: //8:52

I can see that there are 108 videos that it found with high RPI for the 2 keywords shown.

(Optimize google my business listing / GMB tips)

So for 2 keywords it found 108 videos. So it’s going to have a lot of videos to go through, and if I know that some of these are very high RPI I may only want to comment on those to try and push me up a little bit further as well.

Just the matter of going and looking, viewing, on high RPI videos, gives your channel authority.  You’re logged into your channel. When you set everything up and push the run button, you’ll get a little pop down pop up, that allows you to select which channel on this account you want TAC to work on.

You select that channel, and then the software will start working on that channel only.

(It will also ask for the exact channel name)

So this gives you a lot of power now as to what it is that TAC is going to do on your channel whilst it’s going through your videos.

I’ve clicked here to stop after it’s left all the comments, up here I’ve allowed it to leave up to 3 comments on this channel for today on this run.

And this drop down here gives you the option to randomly comment or leave a reply to a comment.

I’ve selected direct comment, which means all I want is just comments.

And the last option, reply to existing comment, it will only do replies on that one.

So I just want to leave a bunch of comments, only from my channel to other peoples videos and then I’ve told TAC to stop running after it’s left all those comments.

You can also select if we go back to the home page, you start every comment with <begin comment> and </end comment> tags.  And then your comment goes in between, so you can see that I’ve left 3 comments here:


You can also add spintax. Ff you know what that is, in between each of these tags so that your comments can have spintax which gives you even greater flexibility in altering the comments that are left, so for example:

<begin comment> {Great|Super|Wonderful|Amazing} Video! </end comment>

SO as you can see it’s a much more flexible version and allows us to and allows us to create a lot more power on our channels than the old version did.


Is that you subscribing to other people’s channels?

  • Yes, you are subscribing to peoples channels where you’re watching the video

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Or you can do this all manually…

Manual Steps:

Tube Authority Commander automates the following 7 Steps. We thought it would be a good idea to show what you would need to do without using the TAC software.

Step 1

Search the main keyword in YouTube and one by one check the Rank Power Index (RPI) of each video. Yes, the first 5 pages mean you’ll need to check the RPI of the top 100 videos. It isn’t so hard when you have both Niche Commander and the RPI Check tool in your Locustware Control Panel doing it for you.

You want to only record the videos URL that have a minimum of RPI 47 (just as an example).

So you just save the video URL and its RPI value into a text file or excel file as long as the RPI is above 47.

Get your foundation set.

The RPI Checker is in your LW Control Panel in the Video Marketing section.

Step 2

Now go back to each video that made it into your list and checkNow go back to each video that made it into your list and check the channel RPI for each of those… Use the same criteria as before.

Only this time, instead of adding to your list you are going to be removing from your list.

Each channel that does not have an RPI of 47 or above, you remove that video URL from your list.

Takes a little work, but nothing really hard.

Step 3

Now you should have a pretty small list. Out of the original 100 you started with you are now down to about 20 (just an example).

Those 20 URLs you have are true hard-core authority driven machines!

Each one you have remaining is a powerhouse. Each one has high channel RPI as well as high video RPI for your target keyword.

Create a channel naming it your big main keyword… The same keyword you used to find all of those authority channels.

See how easy this is?

Step 4

This is important so pay very close attention.

Now you want to start adding relevant comments onto those videos… But be careful. Only do a maximum of 5 comments per day from your account. TAC takes care of that! Run it just once per day per account.

You also want to really randomize things. Don’t just go in and drop 5 comments on the first 5 videos.

Spread it out… Go watch one video and just leave, go watch another from your list and give it a thumbs up or subscribe or both. This is what TAC’s sliders in the Settings tab are for.

Go to the next and do nothing, or something different than you did the last time.

Get me? Randomize your actions so that you are putting out strong signals that you are very interested in that niche, but don’t be so aggressive that you look like you’re spamming or YouTube will start ghosting your comments.

Ghosting means that you will see your comments while you’re logged in but no one else will ever see them.

Keep up with what you are doing on that list you made earlier… make note of each action: you did nothing, you commented, subscribed, liked and so on. TAC does this for you. You will find all the actions taken in the HTML result page.

If you have videos for this niche, upload 1 per day and seo it for your keyword.

If you don’t have videos yet—No problem, it’s fine to be a little slow at this point.

This is a really simple process that provides some really serious results.

Step 5

You’ll do this random pattern every day with 5 comments being your max per day until you have gone through and eventually posted on every one of those power accounts.

In our example we said you ended up with 20 authority videos, so it will take you a minimum of 4 days to go through your list.

Very straight forward

Step 6

Rinse and repeat steps 1-4 again using another highly targeted high competition keyword in that exact same niche.

You’ll continue steps 1-4 for 4-6 weeks… I know it sounds like a lot, but it isn’t compared to what you’re getting.

After about week 3, start running the RPI checker on your own channel so that you can see when you receive an RPI boost. (This part is both frustrating and exciting.)

Once you reach the 4-6 week range (on average… can take a little more or a little less time), you will check your own RPI one day and see that your own channel now has an RPI of 47 or higher!

Absolutely simple to achieve

Step 7

Now that you have an authority channel you’ll find it exceedingly simple to rank for mid-competition keywords that you were never able to touch before.

But why stop there when you are so close? The reality is that now you can easily rank for the highest competition keywords on the planet and know with absolute certainly that you’ll start nailing those highly competitive keywords on demand.

How? The exact same way you already built up your channel RPI! How easy is that!

That is how you OWN any niche you want.

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